Ren Fair and Camping

We Took off during the thanks giving break to camp at the Renaissance Festival at Huston TX.  Not to spoil too much but it was amazing.

It was our second time  attending the festival but our first time camping out there.  That decision was just so right.

The weekend was cool during the day and cold at night.  Well cold for anyone from south Texas   Down here if it drops below 60 degrees everyone breaks out the heavy wool and thermal underwear. 

We are no pro campers and bought just about everything fresh from a camping list I saw online.  So, the fact that they have only port-a-potty’s out there shouldn’t scare anyone away.  It is a but rough not being able to shower correctly, but that’s only half the fun.

The rules out there are simple. If your in a quiet area(for families) bed time is at 10 pm, otherwise just don’t put your tent on the street.  Anywhere else is game.  Oh, and no fires on the ground, accept for the one bonfire area that is built in for everyone to share.

There are a few unwritten rules that you’ll find out from the Reni’s walking around.  A Reni is someone who has been attending the festival long enough to be a pro.  The usually know each other and have secret information shhh…  One of these interesting people informed  me that if you’re unlucky enough to put a camp-up in a place that is traditionally claimed it may turn into an issue.  For the rest of the tricks you’ll just have to walk around and talk to people next year. 🙂

The campsite is a whole other world.  Everyone is just so happy to be there.  Most are super helpful and just wanting to hang out.  Booze everywhere and there is a say’n that the Ren Fair camp area is the safest place to get pass-out-drunk.  I didn’t test this, partly cause I can handle my crap and cause I didn’t bring my whiskey : (

I had the pleasure of watching a true nerd pick up a chick in his element. The conversation, I am not joking, contained Ninja skills, jello shots, naked jinga, and pirates.  It was completely surreal and it worked!

Just warning, this is a crazy nerdy place so be aware.  We are not that easy of people to get along with, they are great people though.  I am a nerd but the depths of the nerdom shocked even me. Ninja pick up lines aside it was one big nerdgasim. This isn’t a complaint, I thought it was awesome.  Just a warning.

Ok so your is campsite set-up and you have met your neighbors.  Time to listen for the cannons which happen around 9:00-9:30 am, they announce the opening of the festival.

Like the campsite, this is yet another world.  Everyone is just as excited and looking around for what fun thing they are going to see or do next.  Costumes and such all over.  Thanksgiving weekend is ‘Celtic Christmas’ so, kilts everywhere.  Each weekend has a different theme.

This place is built into the environment and it’s amazing.  Huge trees are all throughout. The stages are topped with vines growing over nets creating a living canopy of shade over cement seats.  Shops are permanent wood structures that look and feel solid.

Bathrooms are big and literally have someone taking care of them the whole time. That didn’t stop some old man from popping my door latch and seeing more of me than he bargained for. 

Performances happen all over the parks many stages and some even in the streets.  We spent a whole day just going to see them and didn’t catch everything.  If you have never been you have to make it to see, Tartanic, the French guy, and the Mud show.  The others are great too, but those are a must see.

My Shopping tips would have to be, only consider hand made things.  There is so much original work at the festival, there is no reason to buy anything you could just pick up on amazon.  Shops aren’t above padding their inventory with accessories or knives that you’d look at in a different light if you weren’t at the festival.  A cheap knife is a cheap knife, even at the fair.

One thing we didn’t master was eating.  Everything is ugly expensive and cheaply made.  There are some things you are unlikely to find somewhere other then the fair, so I hear, but we didn’t find any, other then mead.

Leaving the fair is the worst part.  The feeling of going back to the normal world.  Walking around Walmart and seeing people without that joy in their face.  It’s no wonder people love the fair so much.  We already started planing for next year.


Consuming and processing.

Ever since I found out you could speed books up on audible and it does a super job of not making it sound all chipmonky, I have been just gobbling up books.

That may be what has gotten me so very interested in writing.

Not to say I think I can match these authors (David Weber, Robert Jordan or Brandon Sanderson) but I so want to just make something.

Since the goal right now is to create a location, I am paying extra attention to the way they describe it.  It makes me think I am heading in the right direction.  Jordan normally just touches on things, but it’s clear he has the whole thing in his head. Even if he gives it just a few lines.  

The same goes for the characters that flow in and out.  Now that I have my mental microscope processing there every move.  I can see just how much context he’s got and isn’t putting exactly into words.

Perhaps some actual classes in writing would have helped.  It’s a revelation to me though.

I don’t know exactly what I thought before.  In my head it was kind of like the unimportant things are just made up on the fly.  I guess I can’t get the thought of an author just sitting in front of a computer pumping out the book in one long sitting, out of my head.  I know it’s totally false but there it is.

Since this whole art thing is so new to me I am struggling to keep focus.  Just a bit ago I saw an ExtraCredits episode and felt that ever present need to program a game.  Then I remember, I am not particularly good at programming.  That doesn’t banish the thought completely but it helps.

I just hate starting something and not finishing so much!  Creating a game is such a huge time investment.  I guess this is as well… 

I might need a boost of courage from ZeFrank.

Going to create a location

Where I am heading in my location direction.

I think I have settled on a car as the setting for the location.

It’s dark in a car driving through the 5000 humility of south taxes. It’s almost December, you can tell cause the last triple, triple digit day happened like 3 weeks ago.

Not enough light to see exactly how flat the Terran around really is.  With the occasional speed trap town popping up to test how well you understand how to control the rental’s cruse control.

The few other drivers around you think riding your butt is a polite way of asking you to pull to the nonexistent shoulder.  Yes, I know your there and as soon as there is a piece of road I can let you pass me at, you are just going to have to wait.

The junk in the car is still fresh.  It crumples when anyone changes positions.  Mainly recites a few squished bottled waters.

There is a never ending struggle to keep the windshield from fogging. Switch it to warm to make it dissolve till it gets too warm that you have to switch it back to cold.

Thankfully there is an auxiliary jack connected to the phone that is pocketed in the drink holder playing an audio book through the car’s speakers.  Every now and then it gives directions or a vaguelyannoyed says, ‘re-routing’.

Traveling the road from Victoria through El Campo to Huston Tx.

I understand it’s not life changing, but for my first jump in, it should help keeping things in something I know a little about.

I might be able to get one done a week, that’s an interesting idea.  If only there was just a bit more time in the day.

Medium’s so many of them where should I start?

The major medium in my mind are, written stories, video story, pictures, drawings…. um that’s about where I’d like to start.

First goal for this site write a story.  First you need a story to tell right.  Then you can start working getting that idea across.

I’ll have to start by creating the ground work.  My readings, say that the world or the environment  has to be well establish in my mind. From there you create characters to fill it and a story for them to start acting on.

Like searching for good set locations I am going to start jotting down and creating the small world this story is going to take place.  It has to stay small since I’d rather not spend years coming up with a whole universe.

Just something small but well textured.

I want to do it all, just have no natural skills. : (

Oh my, do I lack natural skill. Ok, that’s not exactly true, I have one magic power.  Dyslexia.

I count it as a net good since it taught me how to learn things on my own.  Analytic things to be  specific.  It didn’t at all help me when I was spending hours trying to figure out how to kick a ball, just to have my niece figure out more in 2 hours then I did the whole Summer.

I am not bitter or anything, just saying, Learning things is a slow a thing, for me.  Slow and intentional.  Every step, one at a time with a goal in mind.

This works for must intellectual goals, got me no where with artistic crap.  Which hasn’t stopped me from wanting to move in that realm.

That brings us here.  Creating things, like ‘art’.  I so much want to.  As I understand it you should put more in, you should mean it when you make it.  Even that doesn’t exactly mean anything to me.

In the spirit of slow and intentional I am going to force myself to start creating ‘art’.  Till I start making things that mean something to me.  Whatever that means.

That’s what this blog’ll be about.  Maybe another artistically stunted individual out there will feel my pain and laugh at my stubbing around this new and frustrating land.

The Tubes told me it’s not good to make a blog about yourself and I guess I am breaking that rule but just a bit. It’s not like I am going to resort to snapping pictures of food (god i hope not).

My stuff will work with my youtube channel theMrLionShow.  Where I want to do way way more then just talk in front of a camera.