It’s possible to look past the ideas more then 2 inches in depth.

Articles like the one above, just point out how little thought a writer puts into their ideas. What made the final fantasy games of the past fun, was not the fact that they were 2D. Just like Guitar Hero and Point and click adventure, the FFs were largely popular due to multiple factors, including gaming culture at the time, and available graphical fidelity. Smear on a fair amount of nostalgia and now they are shining beacons of greatness, as long as they are viewed in hindsight.

FFs are dead because the current culture doesn’t need pre-rendered backgrounds, very low polygon and textured people walking around them, and occasional pre-rendered video to punch up the key moments. The 2D versions didn’t match their FF7, 8, 9, and 10 sales, and they never will. Again, like guitar hero and any other niche game, their time has passed.

That isn’t a big deal, it doesn’t take a Triple A title to make a high quality 2D RPG. They exist now, just not in the mainstream, because people don’t by them.

Square has used up all the good will and trust it accumulated during their successful years and now they have to change. That’s the key, ‘Change’. So far their minor tweaks to the formula have been laughable. Their fidelity isn’t enough to pull casuals from games like Skyrim and their, frankly, ridiculous narratives are too full of themselves to pull in even those of us who want to enjoy them.

As for us old folks that want the glory days back, tough. Accept that it’s no longer that time, games made like they were back then simply wouldn’t sell now, and it’s completely fine because there are plenty of quality games out now if you are willing to look.


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