Some things are harder to google then others.

As a seasoned googler.  I have used google so much I don’t even use bookmarks any more.  When I try to re-find something my brain associates what I need with a unique term to best find it.  It’s now an extension of my brain. When searching a new topic it’s all about finding that important word/term.

It doesn’t even have to be the correct word or spelling. Even if there is a word that is better at describing what I am looking for, what only matters is weather the community that is posting on the topic use that word associated with the topic.

That might seem kind of obvious right now while you are not actually trying to find something.  It can be tough, especially when looking for something that you are not familiar with.  Then the idea of term searching is crucially important.  You’ll never get anywhere if you are not searching in the jargon that the community is using.

There are a few topics that are extremely difficult to find anything meaning full on. The most obvious search being, “Investment help”.  Trying to find out how to start investing?  Well, good luck.  So many people are trying to sell insight it is incredibly difficult to find something with substance.

The waters get extremely muddy when they have sleek presentations and are meant to appeal to people.  That means, even though their actual advice amounts to just about nothing.  The fact that people liked it, puts them high on search lists.

Here is another one, “searching for help losing weight”.  Every conceivable word within six terms removed from “weight loss” is used by these people trying to sell their book or plan or whatever.  This one can get especially nasty.  They’ll promise you to personally come down and focus their chi to remove the fat off your body, all you need do is give them a little credit card.

I stumbled on this while trying to search something, I just didn’t think would end up with all the traps.

Self Discipline. I have many projects going and I can’t figure out why It’s just been so hard to manage them all.

I want to lose weight, get up early, write more, make more videos.  What is causing these difficulties where there simply shouldn’t be any.  Low self discipline.

This is a new thing for me.  I used to have some crazy Self Discipline.  I used to be able to wake up whenever I want. I could mentally set a time before laying for bed and get up around 10 mins of that time. This was in my bachelor years, when I didn’t even have an alarm.  Heck, all I had was a bed, tv, computer and maybe 3 changes of clothes.

That’s gone.

I used to have a habit of running for 30 mins to an hour a day. I held that habit for years.  Now for some reason it’s gone.

Now that I recognize the problem.  I handled it the same way I handle anything I am going to work on.  I Looked up. Got hit with spam all the way.

Now, I am back here.  Is there a way to look up these types of searches that I haven’t thought about?  I wonder if there are any search Guru’s that can help me with the secrets to these types of searches.

There is so much free information out there.  It’s not tough finding a graduate level computer science course online, but sound advice on weight loss is on a league of it’s own.